Q: Is this a strictly nonreligious group ?

Humanism is non-theistic.  By this, we don't mean to say that there is no God.  Instead, we say that there is no proof for the existence of God, any gods, the supernatural or an afterlife.

Therefore, we take very seriously the idea that "No deity will save us; we must save ourselves."  We are living the only life we'll have, in the only world we know about.  The responsibility for the choices we make are ours and ours alone.

Q: Why do we need another organization ?

We seek to:

  • Establish a secular group of people supporting community and action through effort and funding.

  • Establish a method for secular people to contribute time, energy, and money.

  • Determine and declare the method of democratic decision making on all aspects of the organization including basic establishment, organization, and ongoing governance, activities, and expenditures.

  • Begin to establish connections with other groups inside and outside the area.

  • Increase our influence for gaining interest and action internally and externally.

Q: How can I help ?

You can help us by joining the MHA and supporting our efforts to create community and raise awareness of Humanism in Mississippi. Please consider joining the MHA in furthering good works by good people. We believe in good!

Q: Will being a member of MHA reveal my beliefs to my community ?

We will take reasonable measures to maintain your anonymity as requested.  We do provide the American Humanist Association with a list of our members, as required in our chapter membership. The American Humanist Association may send you items in the mail. If you come out for volunteer efforts, you would possibly be recognized, so please consider your needs for discretion. We do encourage people to "come out" if they can, because it matters. People need to be aware that Humanists are in their community doing good works and are the people you work with, shop with, and are related to. However, being in Mississippi, we recognize the need for some people to remain anonymous in their Humanism. If you wish to financially support/join the MHA, and have no wish to be "out" otherwise, we welcome your financial support and will use the utmost discretion in our communication with you. Generally most communication is via email and social media. Upon joining, we generally will send a welcome letter; however, if you would rather we refrain from physically mailing items to you, we are happy to accommodate your needs.