Board of Directors


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MHA President - Eric Reisman

In 2015, Eric joined forces with a small medley of cohorts to help found the Mississippi Humanist Association. From 2015-2017, Eric served on the MHA Board of Directors as Secretary, and was elected President in 2019. As an organization, he wants MHA to stand as a beacon for enlightened tolerance in accordance with the precepts of secular humanism.

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MHA Vice President- Amy Craig

Amy has lived in Mississippi for 10 years and was raised in an Atheist household. She works in health care and immigration rights and for the Rankin County Democratic Party. She loves being on the board of the Mississippi Humanist Association because it gives her an opportunity to meet new people and to make Mississippi a more welcoming place for secularists.


MHA Secretary - Romy Aguliar

Elected as MHA Secretary in 2019, Romy is interested in helping the organization grow in membership and expand its presence in the community. Romy is very interested in involvement with community-based service projects and collaborating with other organizations who also promote kindness and the desire to do good for our fellow human beings.


MHA Treasurer - Stephen Frank

Stephen is a charter member of the Mississippi Humanist Association, and has served as Treasurer since 2016. Stephen was brought up in the Pentecostal church, but stepped away as he examined the church teaching. Stephen works with the local Democratic Party organization in south Mississippi where he resides, and enjoys hosting a local atheist monthly meetup group.

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MHA Communications - Amy Blue

Amy, originally from Illinois having moved to Mississippi in 2006, was raised in a non-religious household. Upon her move, Amy was surprised by the influence religion has in South, and quickly searched for a group that promoted secular values. Amy owns her own internet marketing business and enjoys volunteering at Big House Books and participating in events for the Human Rights Campaign.

The Mississippi Humanist Association holds its regular Board of Directors meetings on the last Thursday of every month.  

For board meeting minutes, click here:  Meetings Notes

The 2018 Board of Directors - Kim Gibson (President); Amy Craig (Vice President); Tom Dennis (Secretary); Stephen Frank (Treasurer); Amy Blue (Communications).

Each member of the Board of Directors serves a term of two years.