Gov. Bryant Ignores Constitution, Endorses Christianity

Gov. Bryant Ignores Constitution, Endorses Christianity

When you are a humanist in Mississippi, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the evangelical events.

There are prayers at the flagpoles, public meetings and public school football games, as well as prophetic summits, tent revivals, and SO much more.

Most of the time, we humanists don’t much pay attention to these types of religious events.

Humanists believe that everyone has the right to believe what they want, as long as it doesn’t harm others, even though the obvious preference and practice of one religion over all others, or none, can be harmful, as it can make people feel excluded.

Why What’s on our Money Matters

Why What’s on our Money Matters

If you’ve been following the news, you may have seen that a group of atheists are suing the Federal Government to have the words “In God We Trust” taken off of our money.

You’d think they’d have a good case.  It’s a clear violation the Establishment Clause as well as the Religious Freedom Restoration Act which prohibits the government from burdening a person’s exercise of religion unless it furthers a compelling government interest.

A Week Ago...

A Week Ago...

A week ago, I woke up to find the governor of the state of Mississippi showing once again, in so many ways, that he doesn’t value all of his constituents. Last week, the governor was a welcome guest of the American Family Association (AFA), a Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) designated extremist hate group that denounces those that do not share their religious beliefs, especially the LGBTQ community. Just by way of his appearance on this radio program, he tells us which Mississippians he values and serves.

"Take Down This Flag Mississippi" Rally Held In Jackson

"Take Down This Flag Mississippi" Rally Held In Jackson

The “Take This Flag Down Mississippi” Rally was held on October 21, 2017 at the Mississippi State Capitol. The rally to change the official MS state flag was organized by Organizing for Action-MS (OFA), and the MS Humanist Association was pleased to partner with OFA, Indivisible MS and others in this grassroots effort to demand a new flag for all Mississippians.

American Humanist Association Holds Johnson Amendment Briefings

Tomorrow, January 31 , 2017, the American Humanist Association will hold informational meetings in Washington, D.C. regarding keeping the Johnson Amendment which prohibits religious groups and other non-profits from endorsing political candidates. We are glad to be a chapter of this great organization doing the real work to keep the constitutional wall between church and state intact. Please join the Mississippi Humanist Association as we work locally to build a strong humanist community here in Mississippi, and please lend your support to the American Humanist Association in the work they do here in Mississippi and nationwide. Please see the link below for further information:


MHA Statement on the Greenville Arson

From the Mississippi Humanist Assocation

November 2nd, 2016

The Mississippi Humanist Association condemns the church burning in Greenville, Mississippi in the strongest possible terms. The Mississippi Humanist Association condemns any act such as this – an act designed to intimidate, to alienate, to strike fear into the worshipers at Hopewell Baptist Church, and the community at large, recalling the historical campaigns of arson and terror in Mississippi's past.

As the American Humanist Association has said, “Humanists are concerned for the well being of all, are committed to diversity, and respect those of differing yet humane views.”

The Mississippi Humanist Association calls on all our members and all Mississippians, not just to support the needs of the members of Hopewell Baptist, but to make Mississippi a place where hateful arsonists have no support, where they do not enjoy the silent consent of any Mississippian who would rather turn their head or remain a polite bystander to the hate and bigotry that allow acts like this. There is no doubt that Hopewell Baptist Church will rebuild. The outpouring of support from across the state and across the nation has already exceeded the modest requests of the church, proving what we humanists choose to believe - that human kindness can prevail.

- Mississippi Humanist Association


Mississippi Humanist Association/Big House Books Partnership

From the Mississippi Humanist Association

You can read whenever you like. You can read whatever you like. You can go to stores full of books, you can have books delivered to your home, you can walk into a library, stacked floor to ceiling with free books. It’s hard to understand what an amazing freedom this is until it is taken away from you.
There are almost 29 thousand Mississippians in prison. That’s a larger population than Pearl or Clinton. But each and every one of those prisoners is a person, a human being.
Reading and writing are two of the most human acts imaginable. Yet many of these men and women in our jails have no access to the books that they need in order to be fully human in a setting that is too often dehumanizing.
Big House Books is a Jackson organization that supplies people in prison with the books that they request. They’ve been doing this for more than a year, providing hundreds of book-filled packages to prisoners across the state.
Today, the Mississippi Humanist Association is announcing a cooperative venture with Big House Books. Our members can buy books that are on request - or valuable packaging supplies - for Big House Books, through their Amazon wishlist. And remember - if you use Amazon Smile, the MHA is a verified charity that can receive those donations.
MHA members can also donate any books they wish by bringing them to any of our social events or functions, and we’ll handle the transportation to BHB.
Since these donated books could potentially be a burden to BHB if they had to pay for the packing and shipping, the MHA has agreed to fund the shipping. With more donations from you, we can help BHB ship more books. Your membership fees are our biggest source of income, so joining up now would be a great help to this effort.
Once we know how many books are on hand, we’ll announce a packing party at Big House Books.
Until then, we’ll be accepting your books at our events, Big House Books will be accepting donations through their wishlist, and we’ll be putting money you set aside for Big House Books into the packing fund. Just indicate that you want your donation or membership fee to go into the Big House Books fund when you donate or join by putting “BHB” in the note or telling us if you join in person.
Freedom and education are vital humanist values, and this is a great way for our members to reach out and help people in need of both. We are letting people know that humanity has a purpose - to make this world a better place to live for all of us.
The wishlist can be found HERE.  All you have to do is click on the Big House Books address when you check out, and it will automatically be shipped to their midtown office.

Thank you for your continued support!