Mississippi Humanist Newsletter - May 2019

Mississippi Humanist Newsletter - May 2019

Volunteering has always been important for members of the MHA. Countless members have attended our quarterly volunteer days over the years, and it’s always exciting to see so many people willing to give back to their communities.

The MHA has recently expanded its volunteer efforts. Now, instead of volunteering quarterly, we do our part at least once a week.

Mississippi Humanist Newsletter - February 2019

Mississippi Humanist Newsletter - February 2019

Since I am not running for re-election to the MHA Board of Directors this year, my service on the MHA board comes to a close on February 16.

I am privileged to have been able to serve the MHA membership for the last four years, and I believe we have put together a strong foundation for continued success as we grow our membership and do good without any god here in Mississippi. We continue to show Mississippi that we believe in good!

Mississippi Humanist Newsletter - November 2018

Mississippi Humanist Newsletter - November 2018

Last month, the MHA became aware that Governor Phil Bryant created a video endorsing the PULSE movement. The organization is coming to Mississippi in April 2019, and Governor Bryant used his position as a public official to endorse the event. This is a clear violation of the separation of church and state, and the MHA took immediate action.

Mississippi Humanist Newsletter - October 2018

Mississippi Humanist Newsletter - October 2018

Governor Phil Bryant has made a career of blurring the line between church and state. He has never been shy when it comes to endorsing Christianity, and even plans to add “In God We Trust” to all standard state license plates starting next year.

He isn’t stopping there, though. Gov. Bryant has taken his disregard of the Constitution to the next level by creating a video for the PULSE movement. This Christian movement is coming to Mississippi College next year, and Gov. Bryant used his voice to endorse the event.

Mississippi Humanist NEWSLETTER – AUGUST 2018

Mississippi Humanist NEWSLETTER – AUGUST 2018

On July 10th, Jim Helton, the National Field Organizer for American Atheists, came to Jackson to speak to the MHA. Jim provided the group with actionable steps we can use to make a difference in our state. These steps include partnering with other groups for specific issues, joining local school boards, running for city council, and increasing visibility.

Mississippi Humanist Newsletter - June 2018

Mississippi Humanist Newsletter - June 2018

We are pleased to announce that the MHA has scheduled an appearance by Jim Helton, National Field Organizer for American Atheists, for Tuesday, July 10.

The MHA is an affiliate of American Atheists and we are excited to have him visit us. Jim is the co-founder and President of Tri-State Freethinkers, this year’s American Atheists Affiliate of the Year winner, operating in Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana.

Newsletter - January 2018

The MHA has grown a lot this year, in many ways. On behalf of the MHA Board of Directors, many thanks to everyone for all of the support the MHA received this year, and welcome to all of the new members that joined the MHA this year! I just want to say thank you to each and every one of you for making this year a fantastic year for the MHA. I will try and keep it brief, but I just wanted to touch on some of the accomplishments and "high spots" for the MHA in 2017.


Greetings fellow humanists!

Summer is finally upon us! It has been a busy summer so far for the Mississippi Humanist Association (MHA)!

One thing that is going on right now, is the MHA interest survey. If you haven't already, please take the time to complete our survey here. The survey is aimed at better understanding the needs and interests of our fantastic supporters, such as yourself, so the MHA can be a more effective organization, and positively promote humanism in Mississippi. We will be closing the survey on July 31, so please go ahead and let us know how you want your MHA to move forward into the future!

And MHA members, please check out the secret Facebook group “Mississippi Humanists” and post about the things that matter to you. If you are a MHA member and are not a member of the secret group, let us know at and we will add you. Post a pic and an intro, let your fellow members know you, and about the things you are interested in and that you support. You can post topics that may be of interest for discussion. Ask a question and draw on the group for answers. We hope this Facebook group can bring us all a little closer and help strengthen our community of members.

One matter that should be of concern to secular and religious communities alike is the current’s administration’s hostility to the Johnson Amendment, which prohibits non-profits and churches from participating in political activities, specifically the funding and endorsement of candidates. The MHA is opposed to this recent assault on the Johnson Amendment by Congress, that seeks to defund the investigation by the IRS of churches that violate the Johnson Amendment. Please, support the work of the American Humanist Association  and all the members of the Secular Coalition for America to protect the Johnson Amendment.

A good number of the secular community was at the MHA Second Sunday brunch at Iron Horse Grill in downtown Jackson in June, and it was very well attended with approximately 20 in attendance.

We are pleased to see the consistent increase in attendance of families, as well as new faces, at Second Sunday Brunch. One of the MHA’s primary goals is to build a strong community for secular individuals and families, connecting humanists in Mississippi for socializing and support, and our monthly social events work to do just that!

The MHA’s Humanist Happy Hour in June at the Bulldog was a great time, with approximately 20 attending and having a great time taking a break from the work week worries! If you have any suggestions for a happy hour or a brunch venue, please let us know!

With our consistent growth in attendance at Second Sunday Brunch and Humanist Happy Hour, it would be helpful to have a good idea of the number of attendees, so we can make sure the venue can properly accommodate us, so please RSVP if you plan to attend these events!

The next MHA Board of Directors Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, July 27th, at 6:00 p.m. at the Rainbow Co-op in Fondren. Members are always encouraged to attend. Member participation in our regular meetings enables the board to better serve the needs and desires of the membership, and aids in the productivity and creativity of the board, as evidenced by the most recent meeting, where attendees had great ideas for new potential vendors and software to further increase the effectiveness of the MHA.

And with summer activities, there is a severe blood shortage and The Mississippi Blood Service is desperate need of donations. Check out their Facebook page here for locations and more information. Please, donate if you are willing and able, and credit the MHA when you donate. Our code is DJ01; just let them know when you sign in that you want your donation to be credited to the MS Humanist Association.

Thanks so much for your interest and your support of the MHA! Stay cool and enjoy your summer!

Kim Gibson - President


Mississippi Humanist Association - We Believe in Good!

Mississippi Humanist Association - Interest Survey

The Mississippi Humanist Association (MHA) Board of Directors is always working to serve its members, its prospective members, and the general public more effectively. To that end, we have created a short survey that we hope will give us a better idea of what matters to you!

If you would, please take a moment, well, approximately 4 minutes or so, and complete the survey. The survey is located at -

Thank you so much for your time and interest, and we are looking forward to your response to the survey, so we can find out what you want from YOUR MHA!