Alex Hoing appointed to MHA Board of Directors

Mississippi Humanist Association is pleased to announce the appointment of Alex Hoing to the MHA Board of Directors.  Alex’s nomination was approved by unanimous consent at the July meeting of the Board of Directors, which was held on July 30, 2019.    Alex will be taking over the position of Communications Officer that was vacated by Amy Blue on June 22, 2019.  His term of office expires February 2020.    

Alex has been a member of MHA since January 2019.  Though new to the scene, Alex has already become a fixture in our community.  He wasted little time in getting his hands dirty, having previously volunteered to serve on the Social Media Committee.  Together with several colleagues, Alex proved instrumental in helping draft a code of conduct in accordance with the principles of Secular Humanism.        

Alex is a Mississippi native who was born into a Catholic family.  He left the church while pursuing his studies at Mississippi State.  He holds a degree in mechanical engineering.  It is Alex’s hope that MHA will continue to expand its presence throughout North Mississippi, while promoting the secular humanist values which attracted him to MHA.  We are delighted to have Alex on board, and look forward to serving with him.