Mississippi Has a Homeless Crisis, and We Can Help

Last night, close to 1,500 Mississippians didn’t have a place to call home. Some stayed in shelters while others struggled to find a spot to rest in a park or on the streets. Still others likely stayed up all night, afraid to close their eyes underneath the dark sky.

Many are adults on their own, attempting to figure out how to survive. Others are families working to stay together during terrible circumstances. Then, there are unaccompanied children, trying to navigate a harsh reality as they move closer to adulthood.

While everyone’s situation is different, they have something in common.

They struggle for things many of us take for granted.

They search for shelter, while most of us have a warm home and bed to sleep in every night. They fight to find their next meal, while many of us eat to our hearts’ content. They even have difficulty engaging in basic hygiene practices, such as putting on deodorant, brushing their teeth, and changing feminine hygiene products, while the rest of us just slip into the bathroom and grab the supplies we need.

This struggle is heartbreaking, so the MHA started looking for ways to help. That’s when we came across the Jackson Homeless Women’s Outreach Project.

Jackson Homeless Women’s Outreach Project

The Jackson Homeless Women’s Outreach Project was founded in 2016, and its mission is clear. The charity collects items the homeless population needs and then creates kits full of supplies. It distributes 80-100 kits to homeless women and 20-30 kits to homeless children each month, and as you can imagine, it’s hard to come up with all the supplies to meet that demand.  

The MHA is now collecting items for the Jackson Homeless Women’s Outreach Project. Humanists can bring accepted items to our happy hours, brunches, volunteer days, and meetings. We will drop the items off to the Jackson Homeless Women’s Outreach Project at the end of each month.

The organization needs:

• Overnight pads
• Super pads
• Long super pads
• Regular pads
• Moderate absorbency pads
• Bladder pads
• Thin pads
• Bar soap
• Small travel packs of baby wipes
• Toilet paper
• Small packets of tissue
• Gallon-sized zip lock bags
• Chapstick
• Travel sized deodorant
• Travel sized toothpaste
• Travel sized lotions
• Travel sized shampoo and conditioner
• Individually packaged toothbrushes
• Personal sized hand sanitizer
• Children's toothbrushes 
• Child-safe toothpaste
• Coloring books
• Crayons
• Paper, pencils, and pens

This is an excellent way for us to do some good for our community. If we all spend a few extra dollars a month, we can make a huge difference in the lives of many.

Our motto is We believe in good. Let’s go out and do some good for the area’s homeless population!