UK Losing Interest in Religion

When John Lennon told us to imagine a world with no religion, those of us in the United States tried really hard, but it seemed pretty impossible. After all, religion is everywhere here. It’s even on our money.

Fortunately, the people in the UK are no longer imagining this mystical world. They’re living in it, according to a HuffPost/Survation poll of 2,004 Brits. It turns out that Britons are a lot less religious than Americans, and they don’t think you have to be Christian to be moral.

Check out some of the results.

Religious? Not So Much

If you want to escape religion, a trip across the pond might be in order. More than sixty percent of the respondents stated they aren’t religious at all and only 6 percent identified as “Very Religious.”

Compare that to 53 percent of Americans who state that religion is “Very Important” and you can see that it is a tale of two countries.

Morals Aren’t Dictated by Religion

If you’re an atheist in the United States, you’ve likely been judged as a moral failure. People think you can’t possibly be moral since you don’t believe in god.

People in the UK see it differently, though.

More than 55 percent of the respondents stated that religious people aren’t any more moral than atheists.  Some people even think atheists are more moral. One in eight respondents see atheists as more moral, while a mere 6 percent see atheists as less moral.

Religion is Harmful

As a humanist, you’ve likely spent some time lamenting about the harm that religion can do. Each day, politicians and citizens use religion to try to strip away your rights and freedom. The people in the UK have taken notice of these issues, and many view religion as harmful. More than half of the respondents claim it does more hard than good, while less than 25 percent say it’s beneficial to society.

What Does All This Mean?

You might have dreams of moving to the UK, but don’t pack your bags quite yet. The religious landscape is also changing in the United States, albeit slowly. The Christian share of the population has been on a decline for quite some time, and more people are identifying as “religious nones.”

Education is the key to keeping this trend going. Talk to people about humanism and explain the importance of science and reason. Eventually, the United States will become a country of science, reason, and true equality.

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