Mississippi - ZERO Days...

Just a few days ago, Rep. Credell Calhoun, a Democrat representing MS Legislative Dist. 68, filed MS HB 1100, a bill requiring the display of the Ten Commandments in classrooms, as well as a DAILY reading of the Ten Commandments to students. Mississippi already requires the display of "In God We Trust" in our state classrooms. For the text of this bill, click here. Also, we thank The Friendly Atheist - Hemant Mehta, for his article about HB 1100, you can read it here.

It is a shame that we humanists here in Mississippi have to be concerned about Democrats submitting bills like this. It would seem we are faced with an entrenched GOP enforced theocracy, supported by Democrats, no less.

The protections of U.S. Constitution doesn't seem to reach us here in Mississippi. And the rest of the world just sneers and ignores it because "It's just Mississippi, what do you expect?"

Everyday seems to be a new embarrassment and affront when the state Legislature is in session. We can only hope this bill never makes it to our governor's desk, as he will surely sign it into law.

MS HB 1523 is already the law here (feel free to Google it, or click here for the text, or here for more info). President Trump just took the tenets of HB 1523 national, with creating a new department designed to enforce protections for those with "sincerely held religious beliefs".

Now more than ever, we need to grow humanism here in Mississippi and educate our fellow Mississippians about humanism. If you are currently member, thanks for supporting humanism in your community. If you aren't a member of the Mississippi Humanist Association (MHA), please consider joining. If your membership has lapsed, please renew your membership in the MHA; if you have any concerns or questions, just send us an e-mail or call anytime. Donations are ALWAYS welcome, sincerely appreciated and work to grow humanism here in Mississippi. Join us, renew your membership, or donate here on our website, or you can mail to PO Box 1343, Jackson, MS 39215.

Growing humanism's voice here in Mississippi is the best way to fight back against bad laws like this one and HB 1523. The stronger our community is, the larger we are as a constituency, the more noise we can make to fight back against unconstitutional laws such as these.

If you can, express your concerns about HB1100, as well as HB 1523, to your elected representatives and let them know, let everyone know, that this sort of legislation in NOT acceptable.

Mississippi - ZERO days without being a national embarrassment.