Greetings, humans!

Sorry about the delay in the June newsletter, but we’ve had a busy time lately!

May was a big month for humanists in Mississippi, as the Mississippi Humanist Association (MHA) brought Seth Andrews, host of the popular atheist website and podcast, The Thinking Atheist - to Jackson!

Seth Andrews

Seth Andrews

Turnout for Seth was outstanding! We had so many people RSVP that we had to move the event to a larger venue. The MHA is very happy to have brought together what is possibly the largest meeting of humanists and atheists in Mississippi to date, and we hope this event is the first of many successful MHA presentations!

Seth Andrews w/attendees

Seth Andrews w/attendees

We couldn’t have done it without you, though - your donations, your interest, and your memberships are what makes events such as this possible. Thank you for YOUR support of the Mississippi Humanist Association! You made this event happen!

We’re also on the lookout for new event opportunities and speakers, local or traveling, so if you know of a secular speaker going on tour that might come to Mississippi, or one who is local to Mississippi, tell us about it! We also are seeking venues at which to host speakers and events. You would be surprised at how helpful a simple recommendation for a community room, conference center, happy hour or brunch venue can be. Just drop us a line at mha@mshumanists.org and let us know!

Our monthly events are getting bigger as well! Check out this table full of humanists at our last Second Sunday Brunch. We had a great time at Iron Horse Grill in Jackson this month, and are already looking forward to next month.

The MHA is growing, and more and more people are joining us for events such as Second Sunday Brunch and Humanist Happy Hour. Attending MHA events is a great way to support two of our core missions: to let people know that there are atheists, humanists, and freethinkers here in Mississippi and to build a strong secular humanist community. It’s a great way to meet your fellow humanists for conversation, friendship and fun as well! Your support of these events is important, and greatly appreciated!

Want to do more to further humanism and secularism in Mississippi? You can help us keep moving forward by sharing our social media posts, spreading the word however you can – and of course, by donating, by joining, or by renewing your membership. And don’t forget to support us by using AmazonSmile – click here to get more info. Just enter “Mississippi Humanist Association” as your charity of choice and we will receive 0.5 % of the eligible purchase!

However, membership fees provide most of our funding, and our growing membership serves as a way to show the world how many dedicated humanists there are here in Mississippi. Simply clicking a link and joining or donating may not seem like much, but it is definitely one of the most important ways you can support organized humanist activities in Mississippi.

And speaking of organization, the Board of Directors spends time each month on organization - and you’re always invited to that planning session, our monthly Board of Directors meeting. This month’s meeting will be held June 29, 2017 at Whole Foods Market in Jackson at 6:00 p.m. There we plan things like last week’s Second Sunday Brunch, this week’s Humanist Happy Hour, and anything else the MHA may be involved in.  Board meetings are the perfect time to meet and discuss any concerns, ideas, potential projects – anything MHA activity related. The more involvement we have from members, the more we can accomplish!

And to that end, we will be sending out a short survey soon asking for your thoughts regarding the MHA and its activities. If you would, please take a moment and complete the survey and let us know your thoughts regarding the MHA. The MHA exists to serve its membership and the common good, and in order to best do that, we would like for you to let us know what you want from your MHA!

Until next time!

Patrick Jerome                                                                                                                               Member - Board of Directors/Communications Officer