MHA Newsletter - May 2017

Mississippi Humanist Association

May 2017 Newsletter


Greetings, humans!


We’re now VERY close to our first big event - Seth Andrews, the host of The Thinking Atheist podcast on May 21st, at 2:00 PM!


Due to your overwhelming response and demand, we have moved this event to a larger venue. Originally, because of the demand, we had planned on two events with Seth, but decided the event was better served by simply moving to a larger space to accommodate everyone.


Because of the very real possibility of filling all the available seating, we ask that you still RSVP. If have already RSVP’d to either of the old times, you don’t need to do anything, you’re set to attend the 2:00 presentation. If you have not RSVP’d and plan on attending, please RSVP via Meetup at the Mississippi Humanist Association's event page, or at our website via our Contact Us page. We really appreciate your fantastic support of this event!


Questions? Need more information? Just send us an email or reply to this email.


Again, the event is at 2:00 PM and has moved. It has not moved far, you shouldn’t need to change your travel plans, it’s still in Pearl, at the Trustmark Park Holiday Inn Express, located at 110 Bass Pro Drive.


This event is still free, despite the fact that the new venue was slightly more expensive than the old venue. It is larger, after all! Everything the MHA does is made possible by your generous donations and membership fees. Please consider joining the MHA if you haven’t already, or renew your membership. Or you can convince someone new to join! If you’re already a member but want to give us a little more love and support, you can donate to the cause. The MHA website, supported by your donations, has all the info! We keep our news AND our events updated on the website, alongside past newsletters, and handy links like this one, to our twitter page.


Speaking of websites, if you’re interested in some more humanist thinking, go to The Humanist website. There you’ll find articles covering dating advice on the old ”‘when do I tell my date I’m an atheist” question, to exercises in talking to aliens.


One of the other things we do with your donations is promote the posts we make to our Facebook page. It’s the best place to see what we’re up to, and we put humanist-related news and all of our events there as well. You can find out about our upcoming Humanist Happy Hour, for instance.


If you are in the Jackson metro area on May 17, join us for the MHA Humanist Happy Hour on at The Apothecary at Brent’s Drug’s in Fondren. The Apothecary is located inside Brent’s Drugs, next door to the McDade’s in Fondren, after their normal hours, so walk to the back of the store to a mysterious heavy door to find the classy atmosphere of The Apothecary, which has a very swanky website. Point your hi-tech direction finding devices at the address 655 Duling Avenue, Jackson, Mississippi 39216 and be sure to walk all the way to the back!


We have a wealth of thinkers and creative types here in Mississippi - and with your help, the MHA is working towards using that talent to make humanism more visible. We want to give nonbelievers in Mississippi hope, and let them know they are not alone. We work to let people know that there are others that share their secular beliefs, because there is be strength in numbers and this can effect change right here in Mississippi. It all starts with you, though! If you can be a "visible and out" humanist, step out and let people know!  If you see something that you believe the MHA should speak to publicly, let us know about it. And if you know of any other secular charity groups that could use our help or if you’ve got an idea for a fundraiser, let us know!


Thanks for your support of the Mississippi Humanist Association! We hope to see you soon at one of our upcoming events!


Patrick Jerome

Communications Director

Mississippi Humanist Association