Newsletter - December 2017

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A Better Life Came to Jackson



On November 19, the Mississippi Humanist Association (MHA) hosted filmmaker Chris Johnson and the Mississippi premier of the documentary, A Better Life: An Exploration of Joy and Meaning in a World Without God.

After a brief introduction by Chris, the film was screened and discussed. A very positive and affirming film, A Better Life focuses on what humanists and atheists believe in, and the values they live by everyday.

The MHA would like to thank Dr. Patrick Hopkins and Millsaps College for hosting this event, and we could not have brought Chris to Jackson without  MHA members Dr. Peter and Arelys Hercules, and all of the MHA members who helped make this event a success.

MHA at Mississippi Food Network


The MHA Volunteer Day at the Mississippi Food Network was a great day all around! On Nov. 11, the MHA members and guests worked alongside a wonderful Callaway High School Alumni group, and packed well over 100 boxes of food, met visitors from the MS Explorers Meetup group, and saw MHA members we don't get to see often. The MHA also welcomed two new MHA members! It was great to see everyone that joined us at MFN, we had a fantastic day doing some good for our fellow Mississippians in need of food this holiday season!

MHA Board Openings

Terms expiring in 2018


After his term expires in February 2018, MHA Communications Officer Patrick Jerome is retiring to live on a nice farm in the country, and the Treasurer’s board position will also be up for election at the MHA’s 2018 Annual Membership Meeting coming up in February. If you’re interested one of these board/officer positions, keep in mind that all board members have a variety of duties, including -

Regularly attending board meetings and important related meetings;

Making a serious commitment to participate in all facets of Board of Directors/Officer work;

Being a humanist in the public eye.

Detailed descriptions of each position are available on our website. If you are interested in serving on the MHA Board of Directors, please e-mail Kim Gibson at

MHA Hattiesburg Sunday Brunch

Vice President Amy Craig traveled to Patio 44 and met up with our Hattiesburg contingent.

We welcomed some new faces and look forward to seeing everyone in December! We're just all over the place! 


MHA Humanist Happy Hour

Some of the MHA’s first public meetings were held at The Bulldog - and years later, we still enjoy going back to the Bulldog. It was a good mix of new and familiar faces - there’s always someone to meet that you didn’t know - yet. Join the MHA!



MHA second sunday brunch Jackson


December 10th, 12:00PM
Sal & Phil’s, 6600 Old Canton Rd, Ste B Ridgeland MS
Join us for a late brunch at Sal and Phil's. This is the place to go for Po' Boys. (And shrimp. And crab legs. And crawfish)

Bring your family! Bring your friends! Meet some heathens! Look for the silver colander. That's us!


Hattiesburg MHA Sunday Brunch

December 10th

11 AM - Petra Cafe.

2902 Hardy Street Hattiesburg Mississippi


With the success of our Hattiesburg outings, we really appreciate the South MS crew in Hattiesburg! The MHA is working to expand our events outside of the Jackson area, and you can help - if you want to know how, join us for the MHA Sunday Brunch in Hattiesburg, MS.

As we get MHA events started on the coast and in Hattiesburg, social events like this are great a way to get connected to like minded people.

And we’re looking at you, coasties! Stand up and be counted. Or in this case, sit down and have a gyro, and be counted!


MHA humanist happy hour

December 20th

Ole Tavern at George Street

6:00 PM

The MHA is once again returning to an old favorite for the December Humanist Happy Hour! In order to mingle and be more casual, we’re going to hang around a single section and not tie up a large table. Just look for familiar faces from past meetups, MHA T-shirts, or the silver colander. See you there!


Board of directors meeting

December 28th

6:00 PM

Please join us at the monthly Board of Directors Meeting where we plan future events and activities, to be held at the upstairs Community Room of Whole Foods Market, in Jackson, MS.

Members are encouraged to attend, as your ideas and contributions are what drives the activities of the MHA. Looking forward to seeing YOU there!

Your participation will be ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT as we wrap up 2017, plan the 2018 Annual Membership Meeting, and prepare for the election of board members!

Central ms atheist meetup

(Canceled for December)

Ironically, the Atheist Meetup will be cancelled rather than be held in the gap between Christmas and New Years.  Please don’t tell your religious friends.




To join the Mississippi Humanist Association in building a place for humanism in Mississippi, to renew your membership, or to donate to support humanism where you live, please visit the Mississippi Humanist Association’s  website at .

ALL of the MHA’s events and activities, including our websites, and phone number (833-MSHUMAN), are supported solely by our generous members and donations. All donations are GREATLY appreciated, and ALL DONATIONS AND FUNDS go towards furthering humanism in Mississippi. Thank you for your support of the MHA – YOU make the MHA possible!

For information on all MHA events, you can find more info at the website, also on Twitter (@MSHumanists), at, and on Facebook (@MississippiHumanist).


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