MHA Partners In "Take This Flag Down Mississippi" Rally

UPDATE 10/19/2017: **Please note that there has been a change in plans - the rally will start at the Capitol instead of Smith Park as originally announced. **

The Mississippi Humanist Association is partnering with Organizing for America - Mississippi, Indivisible Jackson, and other Mississippi groups to demand a new Mississippi state flag that represents ALL Mississippians.

The "Take Down This Flag Mississippi" Rally will take place at 10:00 AM, on Saturday, October 21, starting at Smith Park in downtown Jackson, and will end at the South Steps of the Capitol. The rally serves to kick off a grassroots campaign to change the Mississippi state flag from a symbol of oppression to one ALL Mississippians can be proud to stand under.

The Mississippi Humanist Association, a chapter of the American Humanist Association, believes the time has long passed to choose a new flag for Mississippi. The official Mississippi state flag is now used as a tool of oppression, often used by Nazis and other hate groups. ALL Mississippians deserve a flag that they can be proud of.