Darwin Day Proclamation

Hello and Happy New Year, Humanists!

We’ll be delivering a packed-full newsletter soon, but let’s start 2017 off with something fun. It’s that time of the year again, the deadline for Official State of Mississippi proclamations. They may not seem like much, but with everything from Ronald Reagan to Rare Diseases and Montessori Education getting a touch of public acknowledgement from the State of Mississippi, we at the Mississippi Humanist Association feel like it’s far past time for Darwin Day to get that same recognition in Mississippi.

While professors and academics have held informal gatherings and lectures on Darwin’s Birthday since the early 1900’s, the day began gathering steam in the year 2000, and now is celebrated on some scale worldwide with hundreds of gatherings.

The process for requesting such a proclamation is quite simple.  Simply visit this website, send an email, or call during business hours.

The template proclamation is provided by the American Humanist Association. We’ve included a completed sample - copy and paste it into your email or make a .pdf of the file (I hear that’s how they prefer to receive these emails)

If you want to change up the "AND WHEREAS" portion of the proclamation, keep it clean, positive, and short!

If you're having trouble with or don't want to bother with making your own .pdf of the proclamation, simply email us and we'll send you one!

Don't forget to tell them that you're calling and/or writing on behalf of the Mississippi Humanist Association, either - having the backing of a local organization is important to the people who make these decisions!

And stay tuned! Darwin Day is the day after our Annual Meeting, so we’re looking to have a Darwin Day event once an appropriate venue has been found.

The deadline is January 12th, so don’t delay!

Thanks for your assistance, human!






WHEREAS    February 12, 2017 is the anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin in 1809;


AND WHEREAS    Charles Darwin is recognized for the discovery of natural selection as the mechanism by which biological evolution occurs;


AND WHEREAS    Darwin’s discovery of natural selection continues to serve as the foundation for ongoing advances in science, health, philosophy, art,  education, and many other areas of modern life;


AND WHEREAS    Darwin’s strength of character is evident in the great courage, wisdom, and honesty required to explore and publish the findings supporting natural selection as the mechanism by which biological evolution occurs;


AND WHEREAS    The anniversary of Darwin’s birthday is an appropriate period on which to celebrate, reflect, and act on the principles of intellectual bravery, perpetual curiosity, and hunger for truth, which contribute to the well-being of all people;


AND WHEREAS    The State of Mississippi  is rightfully proud of its commitment to the scientific rigor of Charles Darwin. The State of Mississippi acknowledges that his discoveries are integral to the agricultural revolution so important to the State of Mississippi, which is a leader in agricultural biotechnology, and that the discoveries he made are an important cornerstone, not only of biology and the history of life on Earth, but also to our understanding of our shared humanity.


NOW, THEREFORE,    I, Governor Phil Bryant, DO HEREBY PROCLAIM February 12, 2017 as




In the State of Mississippi.