Mississippi Humanist Association/Big House Books Partnership

From the Mississippi Humanist Association

You can read whenever you like. You can read whatever you like. You can go to stores full of books, you can have books delivered to your home, you can walk into a library, stacked floor to ceiling with free books. It’s hard to understand what an amazing freedom this is until it is taken away from you.
There are almost 29 thousand Mississippians in prison. That’s a larger population than Pearl or Clinton. But each and every one of those prisoners is a person, a human being.
Reading and writing are two of the most human acts imaginable. Yet many of these men and women in our jails have no access to the books that they need in order to be fully human in a setting that is too often dehumanizing.
Big House Books is a Jackson organization that supplies people in prison with the books that they request. They’ve been doing this for more than a year, providing hundreds of book-filled packages to prisoners across the state.
Today, the Mississippi Humanist Association is announcing a cooperative venture with Big House Books. Our members can buy books that are on request - or valuable packaging supplies - for Big House Books, through their Amazon wishlist. And remember - if you use Amazon Smile, the MHA is a verified charity that can receive those donations.
MHA members can also donate any books they wish by bringing them to any of our social events or functions, and we’ll handle the transportation to BHB.
Since these donated books could potentially be a burden to BHB if they had to pay for the packing and shipping, the MHA has agreed to fund the shipping. With more donations from you, we can help BHB ship more books. Your membership fees are our biggest source of income, so joining up now would be a great help to this effort.
Once we know how many books are on hand, we’ll announce a packing party at Big House Books.
Until then, we’ll be accepting your books at our events, Big House Books will be accepting donations through their wishlist, and we’ll be putting money you set aside for Big House Books into the packing fund. Just indicate that you want your donation or membership fee to go into the Big House Books fund when you donate or join by putting “BHB” in the note or telling us if you join in person.
Freedom and education are vital humanist values, and this is a great way for our members to reach out and help people in need of both. We are letting people know that humanity has a purpose - to make this world a better place to live for all of us.
The wishlist can be found HERE.  All you have to do is click on the Big House Books address when you check out, and it will automatically be shipped to their midtown office.

Thank you for your continued support!